Maritime Connector

Maritime Connector brings the latest vacancies in the maritime industry. With over 95.000 registered seafarers and over 2.000 maritime companies and recruitment agencies we collaborate with, Maritime Connector is the ultimate place to find job at sea as well as seagoing personnel.
Maritime Connector web portal contains everything a maritime professional needs: maritime news, events and jobs all at one place. We help seafarers to find new job opportunities and boost their careers. At the other hand, we help recruiters to find their crew fast and to stay in line with the latest trends in recruitment.
Our goals are:
  -  To create a network between the maritime employers and seafarers looking for sea-going jobs by using our advertising services;
  -  To offer ship owners and managers one place where they can  focus and target their marketing efforts to the largest global pool of maritime professionals;
  -  To offer seafarers as much information as possible concerning sea-going job vacancies, certificates, education, companies... ;
  -  To offer the best available career tool for maritime professionals worldwide.
Our services for seafarers are based on a dynamic system of advertising sea-going vacancies of our registered maritime companies, database of interactive resumes and a system of electronically sent notices.
Registration, all services and information access for seafarers are completely free.
Companies and agencies pay very competitive prices for advertising, searching through the database of resumes and other methods of advertising.
Since 2007 we achieved:
  -  50 CV applicants to vacancy posted within 12 hrs from publishing;
  -  79 people employed after just 15 days advertising with the one of our major clients;
  -  100% increase of clients corporate internet pages ranking on Google after just 3 months campaign and we expect to make even better results in time ahead.